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What you are about to read is a true story.

This is the story of a young man, who's name was Anon. He was a young prodigy in his school, excelling in academics. He was a young cheerful man, who had good heart. However, he did not always focus on these aspects of himself, and even had a "mysterious", even "dark side". For the most important thing to him was his girlfriend. She was a beautiful young woman, who also good heart. For this reason, Anon, loved her unconditionally and even said that he would "die for her." Like any love story that has been told, this one had it's misfortune's. The girl's parents had never approved of their relationship. In fact, they despised the young man. They tried to what ever they could to keep their daughter from Anon. But the two youths stayed together. However, her parents disapproval made her very sad. This filled Anon with rage. How dare they sadden his love! She knew of his "dark side" and what he might do, but always managed to calm him and dismiss the idea's. One day, when he came home from school, only to receive a call from his girlfriend who sounded scared and crying. Her father had found out that they were still seeing seeing each other, and he had beat her for it. This filled Anon with great anger, so he decided to take matters into their hands. They had gone to far. He decided that this must come to an end. With all the love he felt for her, he planned to take the first knife he saw and go to her. When he arrived, he saw through the window that her father was now hitting her for calling Anon. Instead of stopping her husband's abuse, the girl's mother was instead scolding her. How could they treat their daughter, his beloved, in such a way?! That was the last straw! Anon opened the door and rushed toward the man. Before the father realized what was happening, Anon had plunged his knife into the mans jugular, carved it out and watched it slid slowly down his throat. Horrorfied by her husbands sudden death, the mother took a vase and it smashed it over Anon's head. This gave him a gash on his skull, blood seeping out from the wound. However, his madness numbed him to the pain, and soon the knife was plunged into the woman's face. He stabbed woman's face full of holes. She screamed in despair with her last breath, before falling to the ground. She fell next to her husband, her blood pooling around her, mixing with the father's. However, even with this bloody act, the man approached the two bodies and carved out the heart of the father and the mother. He held the organs he had so delicately extirpated from their lifeless bodies. Then, with the two cold hearts in each hand approached his love, but was only met wit horror. She looked at him with horror, terrified by what he had done. He approached her saying, "These are gifts in honor of my love." She let out a terrified cry and hit him flick with a lamp. As he fell to the ground she ran away, ran far away. She ran to her friends house. Upon answering the door, as well as her screams for help, she was alarmed to see her in such a state. She asked "What was wrong? Why are you covered in blood?" She stumbled inside, shaking with fear. She was about to explain what had just happened, but was startled by a bang. Oh no...the hadn't closed the door! She ran to the phone, and tried to call the police, but the phone was dead. "He cut the line? HOW DID HE CUT THE LINE?" she screamed. She thought quickly for a way to escape, and ran upstairs to hide. As she and her friend ran to her room, they slammed the door behind them, locking it. Anon slowly entered the house, knowing full well where his beloved had hidden. Slowly, step by step, he started up the stairs. Each step caused her heart to beat faster. Just when she thought she was going to have a heart attack, suddenly a mysterious silence fell over the house. Looking directly at the door, she waited for him to enter. Her friend took a small amount of bravery and got up to check the door. Suddenly, her friends foot creaked on the wooden floor. As if waiting for that sound as a signal, Anon kicked the door in, plunging his knife into the girls chest. You could hear the girl's chest as he broke through the ribs, stabbing the girl, carving out the heart, just like he had with the parents. The young man slowly approached his girlfriend and with a smile on his face. With hearts of his victims, he layed them in front of her. "They are yours to keep, my lov-" But he was interupted by a terrified scream. "ENOUGH! I DON'T WANT THEM! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" She shouted. She looked at her former love as anger grew on his face. However, the anger slowly melted into a smile. The smile he had always given her. The smile she had fell in love with. "Anon..." she gasped out. However, he suddenly shoved the knife into his eyes and carved them out. She screamed again. As if desperate to please her, he then plunged the knife into his own chest. Perhaps his heart would please her? With, his own heart, still beating in his hands, he crawled to the girl, his love. The life fleeting from his body, he crawled with all his strength to get to her. "" he said shakily. He then dropped his own heart before her, and collapsed, dying there on the floor. It was to much for the girl. Her parents, her friend, and now her love? In a mixture of stress, sorrow and fear, the girl fainted. She woke up in the hospital bed. The Doctor told her she was found in the house with her friends body, her parents bodies were soon discovered. Apparently all the bodies found where surrounded by a pool of blood in a heart shape. She sighed in relief. Despite her heart ache, she was alive. The doctor left the room and she leaned back in her bed. However, she was confused.What about Anon? Didn't they find his body? Now that she thought about it, the Doctor didn't mention her boyfriend. She also realized that Anon never smeared the blood in a heart shape. He killed her friend, but then killed himself...right? Confused and tired, she closed her eyes for a moment, finally feeling safe. She almost wanted to laugh. She then opened her eyes, which then widened in horror. They feeling of safety fled her body as she saw Anon standing before her. He was covered with blood, his face pale, almost dead looking. Her gaze lowered in horror to see a hole in his chest, where he carved out his hear. She returned to his face. The face she had come to love was gone, replaced with a long, misshapen smile. Those eyes she loved to gaze into were gone. Only the empty black sockets remained, almost mocking her. She wanted to scream, but fear had stolen her voice. Suddenly, Anon spoke. In a twisted, gruff version of his voice, the boy spoke. "If you do not want my heart, then you'll take the yours." The scream she finally let out was loud, but quickly silenced. When the doctor and nurse's came upon her bed, all they found was a heart, and a bed full of blood. The scream echoed through the hospital the rest of that February night...

"On cold nights, If you are unfaithful to your partner, or you abandon the heart of your true love, Be sure that Anonimos will come to tear out your cold heart!"
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boggerhead12 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Damn gurl. :iconslowclapplz: Just wow. :iconshyblushplz: I'm amazed...LET ME LOVE YOU!!!!:icondeathhugplz: *cough* Uh, um yeah that's all I got...:iconcrazyblushplz:
GLoabalGOthian Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
It sounds like an interesting tale that matches Romeo and Juilet only this Romeo fakes death and kills his girlfriend because she abandoned those feelings out of fear. Through someone should have the right to be unfaithful to their partners and make mistakes. No deserves to die for leaving their "one true love" the last part sounds like a song lyric....kind of...but it was romantic. Good job one making my night.
kathy1234567 Featured By Owner May 28, 2012
thanks n.n
pinkishhair97 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:happycry: That was the most beautiful story I've ever read...
BENDrowned7 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
00DameBlack00 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
Why can't he be MY boyfriend?! >:D
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